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Uninstall deep freeze

Published March 1st, 2012 by admin

Deep Freeze is a program that was created by the company Faronics. The program was built to help keep your computer protected and working like new every time you reboot it. It will also fix any type of errors that you would have normally spent hours of frustration working on. With the Deep Freeze program you can feel certain that your computer is safe and always running like new.

Deep Freeze works a little different from some other programs that you would typically download to protect your computer. How it works is it freezes your current configuration of your computer so that none of the settings on your computer changes. It prevents that unwanted changes from occurring on your computer. You simply click the reboot to restore button to put your settings back where you want them to ensure that you know what’s going on with your PC and that it stays running like new. Be able to stay free of worrying about errors and taking time out from working online or browsing the web because you have to put your computer in the shop to get fixed.

With Deep Freeze it is 100% guaranteed that your computer with keep it’s “new” state for 2 years longer than what it originally would; so instead of your computer staying new for 2 ½ years it will keep a brand new operation for 4 ½ years.

Malware is growing continuously each day by the thousands. At the rate that it grows developers of software removal tools understand that they need to improve the technology to by making it more powerful and more superb compared to how it was previously. Computer downtime and damage are all what Deep Freeze works against to keep your computer running like new. Once it has been installed onto your computer, any of the changes that occur afterwards will not be permanent; this only includes such things as an accidental reconfiguration or malware that tries to make its way onto your computer. Each time you restart your computer it will be as if you are turning it on fir the very first time; Deep Freeze will keep your PC working like new no matter what!

Deep Freeze is available for installation for Mac, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

If you ever plan to uninstall Deep Freeze manually, you will have to go about this process slightly differently in the beginning. Unfreeze your system by holding down the shift key and double click on your Deep Freeze icon. Enter the password that you chose upon installation of Deep Freeze. Reboot your computer and then run the installer file that has a default name known as DF5Std.exe or DF6Sd.exe depending upon what version you have installed on your computer. After entering this choose “Uninstall”.

If you prefer to not remove this program from your computer manually you can always result in using a removal tool like Perfect Uninstaller. It will remove Deep Freeze from your computer completely as well as removing any remainder files in your registry.

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